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New update released: Opencart All extensions compatible with, also compatible with


Published [OCJ] Category Wall module. The demo available - look at the Opencart home page with Category Wall enabled!


The [OCJ] Abandoned Cart Monitor released


Today we discovered that our free module SeoPro/OC2 for Opencart was not linked with downloadable files by mistake. Sorry for that - this issue fixed.

Files now available in your accounts (Account / Downloads) if you ordered the module.


[OCJ] JSON-LD Markup - compatible with ANY template

OCJ Markup Extension adds structured data markup to main pages of the OpenCart 2.x default template. Markup helps search engines to parse web page much better that increases the relevance of your site significantly. Also, markup supports nice-formatted product page when user shares link in Facebook or Twitter. **This JSON-LD markup extension is strongly recommended to those customers who us..


[OCJ] Watermark

The **OCJ Watermark** module adds watermark to all significant images, primarily, photos of goods. There are a couple of advantages that make a process of creation and adding a watermark like a charm: * watermark can be added by absolute beginner, without any graphic designer skills: **just type text** you want to see, select font and color - watermark is ready to use! You are see..


[OCJ] Fly to Cart

**OCJ Fly to Cart** module adds visualization effect to the purchase process. When a customer clicks "Add To Cart" button a product picture "flies" to the shopping cart button and is dissolved there. If the standard shopping cart button is invisible, a small cart button appears in the bottom-right corner of a screen and a product "flies" there. Module turns off undesirable auto-scrolling du..


[OCJ] Doctor Mod - modification log analysis and diagnostics

It is known that modules installed into the OpenCart can conflict with each other because they try to modify the same parts of the core code. Virtual modification systems such as **vQmod** and **OCmod** minimize efforts of repairing system after failed installation but do not prevent conflicts. There are no embedded diagnostics tools except of of log that is not easy to understand. As a result, af..


[OCJ] Category Wall

The most important part of a site is the Home Page. The visitor should very quickly and easy find products he is searching for. The _OCJazz Category Wall_ provides the solution for that: the **Category Wall**. It shows a pane of top level categories together with subcategories, images and descriptions. The _OCJazz Category Wall_ does not modify any core files. It is designed as a widget and..


[OCJ] Abandoned Cart Monitor

It is well-known that work with abandoned carts increases sales up to 15%. The _OCJazz Abandoned Cart Monitor_ (ACM) gets the administrator a comprehensive information about shopping carts that were not completed. The standard Opencart 2.x shows only missing orders, actually ones that were confirmed but still unpaid. Unlike that, ACM shows a cart from the moment when the customer creates it even i..


Fixed Google sitemap.xml

Fixed sitemap.xml generator: * removed multiple product pages duplicate links (and as result - performance increased); * removed syntax error `?amp;` if you use [SeoPro/OC2]( Link to the new sitemap.xml generator differs from standard Opencart "Google sitemap" feed with `ocj_` prefix: `


Paid services or donation

Here you can make payment for customization work: resolving conflicts between modules, some freelance services, etc. Please [contact us to get quote and final price](, then * enter amount to the "Quantity" field, press "Add to Cart" button * and [make order and payment]( using plastic card or PayPal, as us..


[OCJ] Opencart Todo List Extension

OCJ Todo/CRM extension supports task lists and minimalistic project management for Opencart store owners. An author can create a task for himself/herself or delegate it to the contractor (store content manager, sales manager, system administrator, manager, store owner). Author specifies: * description of a task; * priority (Urgent, High, Normal, Low); * deadline (optional). Contracto..


[OCJ] Autofill SEO URL Keywords on create/edit pages

Module makes "SEO URL" field more friendly: it suggests existing SEO Keywords, alerts you with red background about entering already used SEO URL, automatically fills the field when you enter Product Title (and you can manually regenerate it pressing special button). We also add special **report that finds SEO URL duplicates in database**. Just select "Tools -> SEO Keywords" and you will se..


[OCJ] Merchandising Report: spots that lead to sale

"OCJazz Merchandising Report Extension" provides a set of reports for analysing sales depending of spots on the page and routes. If you are interested in learning, for example, what part of a homepage makes the main profit and what works better - bestsellers module or area with related products - this report for you. The standard Opencart configuration does not store information about a pla..


MySQL queries performance optimization

We provide individual service on MySQL queries optimization for large Opencart stores. If you have problem with slow page loading, very long Google Sitemap generation, have lot of products, categories, or attributes and options -- we can help...