OCJ Doctor Mod - help in resolving OCMOD/vQmod conflicts

It is known that modules installed into the OpenCart can conflict with each other because they try to modify the same parts of the core code. Virtual modification systems such as vQmod and OCmod minimize efforts of repairing system after failed installation but do not prevent conflicts. There are no embedded diagnostics tools except of of log that is not easy to understand. As a result, after installing few modules some of them do not work completely or partially and sometimes the admin even does not know about that.

The OCJ Doctor Mod is a tool for quick checking of the OpenCart modification subsystem. It scans logs and detects what modules were installed with errors and gives recommendations how to fix issues.


The OCJ Doctor Mod does the following:

  • detects what virtual modification systems have been installed;
  • reports about potential conflicts between classic vQmod and OCmod;
  • scans the system and generates a list of installed modules for each virtual modification system that was used;
  • analyses logs and marks modules that have been corrupted;
  • automatically rescans modification subsystem after every refresh of the modifications list;
  • shows the total number of failed modules on the alarm bell in the top-right corner of the screen;
  • proposes decision for urgent care.