Opencart bugfix

Standard Opencart functionality doesn't allow downloading files without registration and buying of the module, even if it free.

This will be fixed later. Sorry for temporary inconvenience.

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Fixed Google sitemap.xml

Fixed sitemap.xml generator: removed multiple product pages duplicate links (and as result - performance increased); removed syntax error ?amp; if you use SeoPro/OC2. Link to the new sitemap.xml generator differs from standard Opencart "Google sitemap" feed with ocj_ prefix: Link with en language generates sitemap for this lang..


Opencart bugfix: OC2 Extension installer

There is several hotfixes which might help if you encounter problems trying to use Opencart 2 Extension Installer feature. The "Multiline fix" adds feature that widely used in our XML modifications, so you should made changes described in "Multiline fix" section if you plan to use our extensions. OCMOD Multiline fix We extended OCMOD regex mode by adding "quote" (bool) parameter to regex search/..


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