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[OCJ] Autofill SEO URL Keywords on create/edit pages

Module makes "SEO URL" field more friendly: it suggests existing SEO Keywords, alerts you with red background about entering already used SEO URL, automatically fills the field when you enter Product Title (and you can manually regenerate it pressing special button). We also add special report that finds SEO URL duplicates in database. Just select "Tools -> SEO Keywords" and you will see table wi..


[OCJ] Category Wall

The most important part of a site is the Home Page. The visitor should very quickly and easy find products he is searching for. The OCJazz Category Wall provides the solution for that: the Category Wall. It shows a pane of top level categories together with subcategories, images and descriptions. The OCJazz Category Wall does not modify any core files. It is designed as a widget and can be easy a..


[OCJ] Fly to Cart

OCJ Fly to Cart module adds visualization effect to the purchase process. When a customer clicks "Add To Cart" button a product picture "flies" to the shopping cart button and is dissolved there. If the standard shopping cart button is invisible, a small cart button appears in the bottom-right corner of a screen and a product "flies" there. Module turns off undesirable auto-scrolling during purch..


Russian language translation v2.0.x, 2.1.x

Full russian translation for Opencart 2.0 - both frontend and admin backend translated. To get support or report errors please use: (English, Russian, Ukrainian) Free installation support for customers! How to setup Detailed info on both automated (OCMOD) and manual install can be found in README files. Chang..


SeoPro for Opencart 2.0.x / 2.1.x

Module Changelog: 2015-02-10: Module updated, now it have option to hide default language in URL. 2015-02-11: bugfix: text_home, button_cart, etc. Fixed wrong language initialization. 2015-04-08: please use fixed sitemap.xml generator 2016-01: less problem with curl and API => change 303 redirect to 301. Compatibility with / 2102 (was incompatible only in language resources) Module des..


Courier Shipping (with TEXT instead the price)

Some delivery services have long and heavy-to-copy estimation calculators ontheir web-sites. You can place links to these pages on your checkout page and text about usual estimated price range instead the fixed price of this method. Customer can look it, select better service and write about his/her choice in the comment field. The text can be changed in language files: courier_u..


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