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      Iniala Beach House

      Iniala Beach House

      Phuket, Thailand

      Phuket, Thailand delights with blue lagoon, white beaches and magnificent pink sunsets. Iniala Beach House is situated on the beautiful golden sands of Natai beach facing the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.


      Iniala Beach House has brought a new level of luxury hospitality to the Phuket region with three beautifully appointed villas and one spectacular penthouse suite. The residence is a masterpiece of design fusing traditional Thai architecture with organic, contemporary forms featuring the work of world-renowned designers. Each villa comes with its own spa and personal therapist. Every bedroom and living space is completely different, a unique expression from these masters of contemporary design.

      Iniala Beach House

      Iniala Beach House

      Hotel Facilities

      • Villa Bianca combines comprising abstract explosions of art while two of the bedrooms represent giant seashells. The Collector’s Villa is a compendium of leading contemporary. Ceramic, adorn the walls and pillars of the public spaces at the heart of the villa and guests enjoy the 22-seat private cinema. Villa Siam (580sqm) is designed is a maximalist fantasy inspired by Thai culture and Buddhism. It includes beds and sofas suspended from the ceiling by wicker bamboo. The Iniala Penthouse (415sqm) is futuristic, innovative, surreal and sensual. The Penthouse concept is that of a holistic environment, upon entering the room, guests take off their shoes as if they were entering a desert-scape.
      • For little ones, Iniala boasts The Kids’ Hotel, which was designed by American Chris Jones and is a space for children of all ages. Young guests are transported to a land of adventure.
      • Iniala has a total of three treatment rooms. Products used are a combination of organic products of Thailand, and Biologique Recherche.
      • Iniala also launched two one-bedroom pool suites that will be the first of their kind at this property, which previously only offered two and three bedroom villas.?

      Set on the ultra-luxurious grounds of Iniala Beach House in Thailand, Pa?rla is a newly-opened fine dining restaurant that offers diners an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Headed by Executive Chef Seumas Smith, the restaurant combines contemporary Nordic and Hebridean cuisine with an innovative dining concept that takes guests on a unique and interactive journey through their meal.