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      What we do /


      Heavens Portfolio has an extensive and ever-growing network across Asia; a network of relationships built on loyalty, dedication, trust, and expertise. Our sales efforts are far-ranging and effective and are focused on building business, generating bookings, and maintaining market share, whether it’s face-to-face inspiration or by exhibiting on behalf of our clients at influential trade shows.

      Partner Selection

      • Pre-qualifying and recommending TAs and wholesalers (retails/corporate, consortia, airlines).
      • FAM trip organization.

      Strategic Action Planning

      • Development and implementation of plans specific to market.
      • Account Management.

      Sales Calls Organization

      • Educating products, managers and front line staff.
      • Setting targets with trade partners.
      • Trade Events & Roadshow organization.

      Marketing Sales Missions

      • Logistics and escort to key agent meetings.
      • Inclusion in trade campaigns, seminars and special interest groups.

      Trade Show Representation

      Representation at key Regional Tradeshows and events.

      Market Analysis

      • Profiling travel agents, setting production goals per market, analysing pattern of booking, and reviewing business targets.
      • Market comp set analysis.
      • Market and production monitoring.

      Travel Sites, Reservations System

      Ensuring features on the most appropriate and productive sites and databases as well as telemarketing.