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      Swire Hotels

      Swire Hotels


      Swire Hotels has been created to manage soulfully individual hotels in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the USA, providing a characterful experience for well travelled individually minded travellers who seek originality, style and personalised service.

      The Properties

      They create distinctive hotels with a sense of place that break with convention. Each with its own distinctive character and sense of style, The House Collective is a group of refined, highly individual hotels that defy comparison. The Upper House, The Opposite House, The Temple House and The Middle House are all uniquely imagined hotels for seasoned travellers who seek a different, intimate and personalised experience in luxury travel.

      The EAST brand creates business hotels with a wonderfully balanced approach to life. When it’s time for work, EAST is plugged into business. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll find everything (and everyone) at EAST to be calm and very relaxed.

      Swire Hotels

      Swire Hotels

      The House Collective

      • The Opposite House Beijing
      • The Upper House Hong Kong
      • The Temple House Chengdu
      • The Middle House Shanghai


      • EAST, Hong Kong
      • EAST, Beijing
      • EAST, Miami


      Swire Hotels